An Introduction 


 May your life run smoothly ​today. Something that makes me want to write is an inspiration from someone. This is the first time I write my own blog. Do you know guys?  I’m not someone who like to write an essay or novel or short story. If someone give me a choice, I will choose Mathematic rather than history. Counting was easier and more fun than thinking about the wordsss 🙄 .

But a few days ago, someone who is the best teen blogger ( I think 😂) inspired me. And make my heart and mind to start writing. She told me that I should have open mind to find many imagination. I like to read her blogs. There are many new things that I found after reading her blog. That’s so interesting for me. In this chance, I would do the same what she do. And this is the end !Yayyyy! My first blog .

I like as finding the way hidden behind my eyes. Bit of an idea to write this weird blog. I’m not a good writer. But I will learn to be the best writing lover. 

I will share many interesting things blog by blog. And maybe you will love it. I don’t know more about anything what happened in this world. I try to tell you something what happened around me. You will know me more. 

Some of the words I use look so strange and difficult to understand by yourself. Really, I’m still learning. When I make a mistake in stringing words, grammar or others, that’s good comment if you tell me the truth  of it. And yeah, I want your advices. Keep enjoy to read my blog guys. Starting from now! 




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