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How are you?? I’m fine. I hope your day is going well today. I opened my instagram, I found my following talking about summer season. Ugh! SUMMER 😰🌞.

Yeah! Everyone like this. But my country just have 2 seasons. That’s only dry season (same to summer but little different) and rainy season. I was so interested about summer. The humans who lived in other country wear a simple, slight and minimize singlet. They go out with sunglasses and hats to protect their heads from the heat. I also do the same thing in the dry season. Woah! They are enjoying a vacation on summer. I’m too (😴).

I love to do tour with my family. I have some perfect destinations to spend our vacation on summer season or dry season!

This is about YOGYAKARTA. Yogyakarta is one of the most popular cities in Indonesia 🇮🇩. Not only domestically but also abroad. Ahhh! My favorite place. Its saved many history since last time ago. Yogyakarta is beautiful. I’ve visited it several times with different tourist destination. I can’t wait to talk about it now. Okay! Let’s start this conversation!

1.Malioboro Street 

Malioboro is a legendary shopping area that became one of the pride of the city of Yogyakarta. The naming of Malioboro comes from the name of a British colonial member who once occupied Jogja in 1811 – 1816 AD named Marlborough.

Malioboro presents various shopping activities, ranging from traditional activities to modern shopping activities. One way to shop in Malioboro is by bargaining process especially for commodity goods in the form of souvenirs and souvenirs peddled by street vendors who lined along the sidewalk Malioboro street. Various kinds of cederamata and crafts you can get here such as silver, leather, wood, batik, pottery and so on.

We can also see other uniqueness of Malioboro like tens of andong and rickshaws that parked lined the right of the road on the slow lane Malioboro. While on the left side of the road tourists can see hundreds of motorized vehicles parked in a line that became a sign that Malioboro is a region that suck a lot of visitors.

2.Parangtritis Beach 

The most I like💕. Parangtritis Beach is the best place to enjoy the sunset while having fun conquering the sand dune with ATV (All-terrain Vechile) or along the beach with bendi in the romantic twilight.

Ticket : Rp. 3,000

Parangtritis Beach is located 27 km south of Jogja City and easily reached by public transport and private vehicle. Afternoon sunset is the best time to visit this most famous beach in Yogyakarta. But if you arrive faster, it could not hurt to ride to Cliff Gembirawati behind this beach. From there we can see the entire area of ​​Parangtritis Beach, the south sea, to the horizon.

Souvenir like this, you can get one or more for your bags, house wall decoration etc. This so cute and visiting beach not complete without buy it.  You can find it in shops near beach gate.

3.Baron Beach 

Baron Beach is one of the tourist attraction in the form of beach located in Kemadang Village, Tanjungsari District, Gunungkidul Regency. This beach is not far from kukup beach because it is still one coast. Location Baron Beach can be reached about 40 km from downtown Yogyakarta. The road to the Baron Beach attraction is good enough for private vehicles, motorcycles and buses to pass.

The uniqueness of Baron Beach is the existence of underground river that flows quite swiftly toward the ocean. The underground river flows toward the sea and forms a river. The unique underground river in the Baron Beach is the taste of its fresh water even though it is very close to the sea. Visitors who do not dare to play and swim in the sea can play water and swim in the subterranean river stream. Another view that is in Baron Beach is a hill that is around the beach. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the beach from the hill.


In addition to the famous city of students, Jogja is also famous for its culinary city, ranging from snack market to heavy food that makes the stomach dispersed. City with a variety of culinary this makes Jogja a tourist destination of local and foreign tourists who hunt delicious and evocative food. Let’s talk about special foods in Yogyakarta ⬇⬇

1. Gudeg

The position with the most rating in search in Jogja is Gudeg. Gudeg certainly not an alien name for culinary lovers while in this city. Gudeg is food from young jackfruit cooked with coconut milk. The taste of this Gudeg is sweet as it is this very sweet sweet. I do not really like this. Because it does not fit on my tongue!But delicious! 😂

2. Cethil

Cethil made from sago flour. Jogja typical food this one processed and mixed with a variety of food colorings or natural dyes are certainly very safe for consumption. On the outside of cethil sown grated coconut so it feels better. This snack is usually available in traditional market of Jogja City. The texture is chewy when you eat it on the tongue. Yummmyy 😋! I like it much!

3. Tiwul

Tiwul is a typical food Jogja precisely Gunungkidul Regency. Tiwul is made from cassava and becomes a rice substitute for local people who like tiwul. Serving tiwul usually with coconut and sugar to taste better. Tiwul is very popular to other areas.

4. Gatot

Gatot is a typical Jogja food from Gunungkidul as well. Gatot is also made of cassava. These foods are usually combined with tiwul. The color is black or brown and tastes sweet. The texture is chewy and the aroma is very distinctive.

5. Geplak

Geplak is made from coconut meat mixed with sugar. Geplak presentation more interesting with a variety of colors. In a way, this snack is a sweet snack. For people who are sweet, please to eat less sweet. The fear of overdose because of the level of sweetness that is too high. 😀

6. Bakpia

Bakpia is the most sought after Jogja food as souvenir. If you visit Jogja and want to bring souvenirs for family or friends, bakpia is the right food. We can find bakpia throughout the city of Jogja. The shape is small round and contains green beans or dried chocolate. This is my favorite food while visiting there. You should try it too! You’ll love it.

So, Are you interested to visit there? I hope you guys can spend your summer vacation with best destinations 🌞. If you want and like to visit there, come on! Yogyakarta waiting you! Thanks to reading this. Comment and like below ⬇⬇ that you really enjoy this blog. Let’s! I want to know where is your one of vacation destination for summer!




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