One Step Closer to Me 


What’s uppp? I hope your life is going well. Today I want to tell you about myself. Maybe we’ll be closer friends in the WordPress community. We know that everyone in this community comes from another city or country. There’s nothing wrong if you show who you are.

Everyone in this world is a social being. We need others to live and work. We can’t do something alone without the help of others. We can’t make a party without the presence of our friend. Everyone wants to have many friends and people who care to them. No exception me and you. Because of the desire to get to know each other.

By knowing each other, we understand how a person behaves. We learn from others how to solve problems by sharing stories.

In this situation, we must be selective in choosing friends. That means we can’t look for the same degree, the same religion, the same city, the same class, etc. We must be able to distinguish between the good friends and bad friends. A good friend will bring a good influence to us. 

There is a saying “Out of sight, out of mind”. Without knowing everyone we will not be able to love them. Everyone we know will be meaningful to our lives if we know them. Just knowing will not get us close to that person. The more friends then the more colorful life will be.

And today I want to introduce myself to you guys. Some things you might like from me. I wish you had something similar to me. Well, let’s start a conversation about me and myself :

1. I like to go to the bathroom every school break. After I had lunch with my friends, I always asked one of my friends to accompany me to go to the bathroom.

2. I hate swimming and swimming pools, but I really love the beach. I just feel bored every time in the pool. Not because I can not swim, but yes, actually I can not swim.

3. I am very bored with my constant day-to-day activities. That’s why I set up a blog site and started writing. I feel very happy with my own blog. And obsessed with it. I really love my blog.

4. I am a funny girl. I love to do something strange to make my friends laugh at me. It also makes me and my friends closer. Some of my jokes to them can not make sense and are a little crazy.

5. As a child, I have ambitions. I want to be president. Haha .. 😂 I do not know why I mentioned it when my teacher asked about my ambition. I would like to meet everyone in another country and shake hands with my citizens. But now, I know what the president does every day. Every moment is busy And I will not be president again 🙄

6. I like different from my friends. When my friend did something amazing. I will do something more amazing. When I was an elementary school student, I would be the last to collect my schoolwork. I am afraid that my friends will imitate what I write in my book.

7. I’m a naughty kid at my school. Sometimes at break timeI tried to interrupt one of my friends several times when she had lunch. I like to make them angry and confused. Just kidding. That’s just part of the way the interaction is a bit extreme.

8. I like brown color and something with brown color. Chocolate, bed cover, teddy bear, markers etc. When I saw the brown thing, I would be hungry and imagine the chocolate in my mind.

9. I am very bored when writing this post. I have millions of ideas to write. I tried to write it in my notebook. But nihil. And this is the end. Caution: Someone please give me an idea !!!

10. I am crazy about “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran. The song made me like an angel with a sexy body and a lot of crushes. Haha ….. 😂 (I’m laughing now).

Okay, this post is end guys. If you have an idea for me to the next post, let me know by commenting below ⬇⬇. Thanks for reading! If you feel very strange, confused and (maybe) crazy, that means I succeeded in blowing you !!





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