Entrepreneur group struggles 🌮 


I got new experiences in my school. I am very happy with my school program. There is a program that makes me very enthusiastic. Entrepreneur group work. My classmates and I have to learn how to be a good entrepreneur. My teacher gave some rules to become an entrepreneur. We have to look for it. Teacher gave freedom to plan business. Perhaps the food and drink business, cultivation, and handicrafts. We had to sell and market our products in school only. 

I created a group with 7 members. We called it “SEMAR”. I as a member. My group chose the food and drink business. My leader told me some ideas. Made spaghetti sausage (🍝), Malkist crackers with fla, and hot pizza (🍕) are the ideas. My other members presented the idea to make acid cucumber ice. My leader as a chef. Other members and I as sellers.

◼This is our menus: ◼

I think my part of this group work is easy. Because I like all my partners. I will get more knowledge to become the best entrepreneur. My members are very aware. I thought I would be FINE. But, Oh! You think so? NO. You are wrong. Do you know what my struggles with my BAD group? 

  • I have a group member who has a house too far away from school. 
  • We have to go to the market to buy some materials. Go around the market to get what we need. We did it in the afternoon. Super hot! 
  • My member is a late person. I have to wait for them for so long each time we make a meeting. 
  • Search for delicious food recipes in the library. Read some recipe books. Trying to make some samples. 
  • Finding the best food names for our menu. 
  • Follow the guidance of the conversation by the senior leadership. 
  • I have to shout out loud. So all my schoolmates heard me. I shouted about my group’s business menu what I hate it. Everyone knows I have a soft voice. But they force me. 
  • I can’t eat my group’s food and drink. My leader didn’t let me taste it. She said “if you taste it, we can not get great benefits!” 
  • We have to prepare our good menu appearance (glasses and dishes are interesting, taste good, clean of the place and other bad things, but the members are lazy people. I am angry at them. 
  • I have a bad group.We have a dispute every time discussing the menu.We can’t find the solution.
  • We have other entrepreneurs as our enemy, they are also food and drink. All our menus are good (everyone said) but they have better members who can do joint work without a fight. 
  • We have to keep a nice profit statistics for each item of sale. This made our group stress! (Including me) 
  • We must produce every menu at home. We have to go to school early. Problem : How can we bring plenty of food and drink to school? 
  • Between money and asset gains. 
  • I get more the guidance of my leader. Because I was often late when she called me. Hah! 
  • Important problem : I can’t focus on my school work (study, daily exam, and more).

We did it during 3 months of school. And do you know what’s make me so ANGRY? I ONLY got 1/12 money of the big asset gains. I did hard work everyday, but I get minimum. 

Not only that, but I can’t eat my group’s food. So, my friends and I should BUY it with our money. My leader able to eat it at her house, because she’s the chef. 

So guys! Do you still think being a entrepreneur is easy?? This is just a school program. I don’t do it now. The program is over! Hore! (👏). We must maintain coalescence with our members. Speak with good words, accept the opinions of our members then discuss together. Don’t be an arrogant person (feel if we’re the best than other). 

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoy this post! Meet me again next post! 



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