What’s on my Dies Natalis and July photography πŸ™…πŸ“·


Happy Sunday! I want to post this for among this week. But my school was started at 2 weeks ago. It made me so busy to write a post. Then, I got a special day what give me an idea to make a post. It will be short story I think. Okay, let’s start to read now! 

My school’s birthday is on July 22nd. My teacher, friends and everyone call that day “Dies Natalis“. My school has been established since 36 years ago. That means now or this is the 36th Anniversary of my school years. I’m so excited! This is the first time I attended my school birthday party. I want to show you how amazing my school birthday. Oh wow! Some best things on my 36th Dies Natalis  :

The purple background with 36 accent. Before attending the show in the auditorium, everyone arrived at this stage. This is the wall where we take pictures. Like actresses and stage photography actors as they attend the awards show. Every student comes here with their friends to immortalize their finances. Me, too! Great Wall! I like the color combinations. 

Furthermore, after we took some pictures, we hunted to give an appreciation for a nice picture from stand by stand. (What’s stand?? Definition of stand : 3 classes create a group with different themes to show their best drawing and decorating skills. Group by group is called stand. The stand name use the name of extracurricular. For example: Scout stand, paskibraka stand, dance stand and other). This is our picture on my holder. This is my picture 😁. I am drawing a logogram paskibraka (flag hoister formation of Indonesia). 

At 8.00 a.m, every student should be here (my school yard). We brought our balloons. So funny color! My balloon is purple and green. There are a lot of students carrying pink, green and blue balloons. The day was colorful. There is a student, I don’t know what her name is. She is my junior. She brought some polka-dot balloons of different colors. Wow! I want the balloon and want to touch it. I want to ask her to give one of her balloons to me. But aah! You know, I’m senior. Senior does not do it to junior πŸ’. I save my self-worth. Then, I threw my mind what wanted to talk to her. 

Remo dance by my classmate

The next activity, we sat in the auditorium to see the show. There are traditional dances (Remo dance at the picture above), modern dance, acoustic music, singing shows, as well as stand up comedy and the last show in the auditorium is the opening of food and drink parties 😁. 

After a long period of activity in the auditorium, I am very tristhy and hungry! 😰 I bought this lemon sprite ice with jelly beads. Aaah! My throat is very fresh and cold. You can see the drink in the picture above. So fascinated right? 😁.

This is my food menu. Hot sausage spaghetti. It looks delicious! πŸ˜‹

The last show that awaited or the main show is balloon extrication. Before that, we wrote down all our wishes in the paper. I will not tell you what I want, okay! 😝. Then we scrolled the paper and tied it to the balloon strings. We hope God will read our desires and accept them. The atmosphere of the festive situation turned into a touching situation πŸ˜”βž‘πŸ˜–βž‘πŸ˜«βž‘πŸ˜­.

We are ready to dismiss our balloons and a thousand wishlist with millions of expectancy πŸ˜‡.

All of balloons regardless. It looks so beautiful at the top floor! 

Look the balloons go away at the basket ball square! 😱

What do you think of my school birthday guys?? It’s amazing day! Do your school have it too? How your school or collage celebrate their anniversary?? Let me know on the comment below! ⬇

Thank you for reading! Enjoy your day! 




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