The Unique Blogger Award + Liebster Award part 2


Today I want to post 2 awards (😆Waahhh!) I got from kind bloggers who nominating me. Thank you! 

Rules for the award :

🔸Share the link of the blogger that tagged you

🔸Answer their questions 

🔸Nominate 8-13 bloggers 

🔸Ask them 3 questions

    Thank you for nominating me, starling

    Hey there! Come on! Check it out her blog. She is Malaysian. I’m so interested with her blog and want to read more. Please click here! 

      Questions from starling :

      1. What do you think of when I say “fancy?”

      I think about fairy tale especially Tooth Fairy. 

      2. What does your name (or online name) mean? 

      I’ve been waiting for this question for every award I got. My name is Cicik. Anyone who doesn’t know this name will say “What is your name ..?“. I said “I’m Cicik“. Then they say “Wait, whattt ..?” Very strange and mysterious. Do you think so? I hope NOT!

      In the Indonesian dictionary my name “Cicik” means girl. Why do my parents call me by this name? I don’t know why my parents gave me that name. But when I ask them to say what my name means, they said “Why do you ask about it?” Then I said, “My teacher told me that his name has a meaning, I want to know my name.” And they said, “It does not matter what the name means, it does not conclude who owns the name. Name is praying (everyone said). No worst of a name, you have a bad or pretty name, no problem. You can turn from bad name to good name by being the worth for others there. And if you get a beautiful name but you can’t respect yourself for everyone, you actually have a bad name.

      I think that’s the best name I got from my beloved parents. Actually my name is not just Cicik. I have a middle and last name. I can’t explain it on this opportunity. It will be very loongg! 😁 I love and love my name. Thank God! 

      3. What’s your favourite shape? (E.g Circle, square, heart, diamond, etc.) 

      My favourite shape is star 🌟. 

      My nominees :

      Everybody who interested to join this award. I’ll like to read your post about it. Come on! Do the same with me! 😇

      Here is my questions for you : 

      Q1. What else do you like in reading (novels, stories, etc.) or numeracy (math)?

      Q2. What are make up tools what you enjoy to wear everyday?

      Q3. Tell me how you manage your busy time everyday (I want some advices from you!!!!)

      Let’s move to this one! ⤵


      The rules for the award :

      ⏺Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.

       ⏺Answer the 11 questions given by the blogger who nominated you.

       ⏺Nominate 11 other bloggers.

       ⏺Ask 11 new questions for them to answer.

      Thank you so much itisfavour. This is my second award of liebster award. I’m still so exited. 😆

      Guys! Check out her blog. That’s awesome blog. You can find new friends for blogging. Get your happiness by read her blog! 😀

      The answers for her questions :

      1. Novels or Movies? 

      Movies. I’m not someone who love to read novel. Yeah! I don’t like read novel. That’s makes me so bored and let me to sleepy. 😴 (sorry… novel reader 🙏)

      2. What is your favourite colour? 

      Red. Red is not only bravery sign but also elegant sign. I bought some red clothes, accessories, and anything on red. 💃🍎

      3. Favourite cartoon as a child? 

      Tom and Jerry. Okay, I’ll let you know how I draw my favourite cartoon 😊

      4. What is the colour of  your phone case? 

      Full purple.

      5. Which do you prefer, a long prom dress or a short prom dress?

      A short prom dress but sometimes I like to wear long dress. 

      6. Sandals or Shoes? 

      Shoes, when on traveling mode. 👟

      7. If you really needed help from a family member, who would you call first your parents or siblings? 

      My parents. They’re always know how to help me to solve the problems. 

      8. What part of blogging interest you? 

      The readers, posts, comments, likes, inspiration, creativity, DIY, photos, new friends and everything on blogging. I’m obsessed! 😆

      9. What talent can you demonstrate anytime without stress? 

      Drawing and singing 😊.

      10. If you were to be a cast in a popular favourite movie you like, what movie would that be? 

      Ummm! Beauty and the Beast as Belle 😊. I like the character of Belle. She is beautiful, kind, and friendly. I like to be like her on movie. 

      11. What do you like about my blog? 

      Your posts, your blog’s name (that’s cute and simple), and your hair tips (that helped me). 😊

      My lovely nominees :


      Simple Serenity 



      Full of Life 

      The Emma Edit


      Courtney Livingston

      Corrine Gaston 



      My questions for you : 

      Q1. Do you have any social media account except WordPress?

      Q2. Heels or sneakers? 

      Q3. What is the real colour of  your hair? 

      Q4. What is your favourite dress for party? 

      Q5. Cheese or chocolate? 

      Q6. Show me your best photo on July? 

      Q7. How is your current desktop laptop or phone? 

      Q8. Favorite lipstick and eyeshadow colour? 

      Q9. Maybelline or Kylie (or others) ?

      Q10. Tell me how you manage your busy time everyday (I want some advices from you!!!!)

      Q11. Which is the best part of my blog? (give me your opinion!) 

      ATTENTION : Guys, if you have some questions anything about me or myself, please leave me a comment below!⬇I promise I will answer all of questions. I want you to know more about me than now. 😊

      FOR ALL MY NOMINEES : I want to know your answers. So, keep this award for your post. 😊

      Thanks for reading this. Enjoy your life. 🔜

      BYE BYE !!



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