Q&AΒ for πŸ’―


Happy Wednesday! Happy πŸ’―! Thank you so much all for giving me questions to do this Q&A post! It’s my first Q&A.

I can’t believe that I got current πŸ’― followers. That’s amazing!

Here my answers for questions I got from lovely bloggers :

What inspires you the most as a blogger looking for ideas and inspiration?

My daily activities, everything beside me, and other bloggers also. I don’t write anything until I get good ideas.

So, If you have good idea for me, may you leave it in comment below Veronica!!! 😊

Where do you want this blog to be in another 3 months?

I want this blog will reach min 150 followers and get hundred comments 😊. So, I can do celebration again 😁. I want to re-organize this blog (the theme, content theme etc).

I would love to know what motivated you to start your blog?

I love writing and reading. A long day ago, I found an instagramer who also a blogger. Then, I opened her blog. I read it. I think I was interested to do the same with her (the instagramer). I started to make a WordPress account. Finally I got my own blog.

The other bloggers also motivated me to write and write. They has good post content. They make me enthusiastic!

I wish I could get big progess other than this. So it will be my motivation for future.

How do you keep yourself motivated?

I read the other blogger’s blogpost to keep myself always motivated to blogging. And every comment I got, I’ll answer. It will make me so excited to write post.

I also ask some advices from my parents to get myself motivated in life.

Do some DIY to keep myself be creative person.

Who’s your role model in life and why?

The first is my mother, she is the best Mom, teacher, and friend for me. She give me advices. She is beautiful and I love her.πŸ‘­

The second is everybody who have good talent/multitalent, like as blogger, singer, artist etc. They always give me an inspiration to be better person than now.

Favourite meal and drink?

My favorite meal are meatball and pizza. I love meatball very much. Yummy!πŸ˜‹ Pizza also. With sausage and cheese. Ooh! You makes me so hungry!!!! πŸ˜–

Then my favourite drink is ice or juice or ice cream or anything with chocolate. 😰 I’m thinking… chocolate milk now 😁

Do you have a certain film/song ( not Christmas related! ) that brings back certain memories? If so, what and why?

Yes I have. For film is Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. That’s old Bollywood movie. There is a men life with his big family (there are grandma, aunty etc) . It makes me so sad😭. Because when I was kid, I live with my grandparents. But now, they’re not live in my city and I miss them so much. When I watch this film I always remember them, our memories also.

For song is Side to Side. My friend and I usually sing it together when she was my chairmate in school. It would be funny memories for me. But after new semester, I don’t sit with her until now. Every I hear this song, I miss to sing along with her😭.

Who’s your favourite character from a movie/book/tv show and why?

My favourite character from movie is a Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Because she is kind, pretty and friendly. She has beautiful hair too.

What is your favorite animal?

I love Guinea pig. It had similar animal kingdom like as rabbit.

This is my new pet, the newest member of my pet’s family. Look at the big ears! And the small feet 😁 Is it cute? Aww, really cute! πŸ˜­πŸ˜†

My pets!!!!😍 How pretty they are!

My big Guinea pig. He is male. I called him, Big Black.

What do you like to do on a rainy day?

I like to drink hot chocolate milk at the morning. Then wear shirt, so, I can feel the cool air touch my skin. And.. play everything in outdoor with rain water. I like to see the rainbow 🌈. Take some beautiful pictures after rain. Go to the bed to dream that sun will coming 🌻.

Thank you guys for your beautiful questions. I’m so happy to do this! Hope you can enjoy to read my answer!




    1. Thank you! Thank you so much! Oh really? I have more than 3 guinea pigs. They make noise at my house everyday. But I’m happy to hear their sound.😊


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