Favorite phone apps πŸ“±


What’s up? Today I want

to tell you about my

favorite phone apps.

Okay let’s go!


Instagram is my most favorite app. I always check my instagram feed every wake up, after school and break time. I have a lot of instagram accounts. I started to used it about 2 years ago. But every I log out my account, I don’t remember the password to sing up. Huh! So, I tried to make a new account. That was happened to me 3 times. Now, I make new again and write the password on notebook. I have two accounts instagram for private and blog (anciblogs.blog). Free for follow guys! 😁

2. WordPress

Who don’t know this app? After I check up my instagram, that’s time turn to my blog. Check every comments and likes and reply all the comments. Sometimes I feel so happy got a comment from another bloggers. But I often confusing to reply their comments. Sorry guys! Really, I try to give you kind answer from my deep mind. You’re made my day! I’ll let you know my blog’s name. This is the link! πŸ˜‚


3. Whats App

It is my important phone app. My friends usually send me the photos, messages, school information etc at this app. It is most important for my school. My teachers give their information and tasks by Whats App.

You also can see your friends story like as instagram at Whats App.

4. YouTube

I don’t have YouTube channel. But I love to watch videos on YouTube. I love to watch DIY for hairstyle, daily life of my fav youtuber, ummm.. ! Also the dance, video clip and more.

My favourite YouTube channels are Sophia Margarette To and Andrea B. They are younger than me and still look cute. Also, they’re from Philippines.

5. G-Mail

To see and read your email. I send email by this. Actually I have more than one email. But, like as instagram, I forget the password too. Ugh!

6. Joox

I used this app to collect musics. This is like as music playlist. You can save and download or play offline music everytime.

7. Sboy World Adventure

My favourite game app. When I feel bored I sometimes play this game. It’s recommended for you. This game about the man with his adventure to collect coins and beat the enemies to go to castle.

Thank you for reading this! Do you have any social media accounts? What’s that? πŸ“±




    1. I don’t know what happened with WordPress. I also updated it. But, I think old WordPress is better than this current WordPress. Because I got some problems to write a post (everything was changed) 😐

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