New Year Q&A Post

Hi guys!

What’s up??

  • So, I want to make a Q&A post for New Year. This is my second Q&A post. Please, help me and give me some questions for my answers 😊. That can be anything what you want to ask me. I’m so exited to do this!

Thank you!



    1. No problem 😊, actually I’m not blogging for a long time, it’s about 3 months ago I made that post for new year, but now I’m ready to blogging again. Also, thank you for reading my post. 😊


      1. Lol actually you don’t need to add kak in front of my name. Just nadya is fine. But it’s ok too if you’re more accustomed to it. My sister is a high schooler too, but she is still in 10th grade.
        Benar sekali sih 😂 but it also depends on the people you’re surrounded by. So make sure you have the best people to spend your high school with! 💖 but the life after high school is pretty fun too 😉

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      2. Haha 😂 , benar sekali. Mungkin aku harus bersyukur karena tugas di SMA tidak sebanyak seperti kuliah. Tapi tetap saja itu menyibukkan ku dan menyusahkan ku buat membagi waktu antara sekolah dengan blogging. Bukankah sekarang ada program full-day school 😰.


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