Trip to Yogyakarta ðŸšŒ

HI FRIENDS !! I’m back!

Not a long time ago, my school has a trip for all students in grade 11th. We were allowed to visit a college school in Yogyakarta. The intended college is UGM (Gadjah Mada University). I felt so happy to visit there. Which I heard Gadjah Mada University is a college school that belongs to the best schools in Indonesia and the world. Many of my friends were eager to learn there. Gadjah Mada University’s quality is also very good too.

At that time, we leave school at 8.00 pm and get there around 4 am by bus. We leased seven tourism buses. We arrived Gadjah Mada University at 10.00 am. Then, fastly, I grabbed my phone and take some photos.

There are some high buildings with green park at every yard in front of the buildings. The street in university was so clean. We could see hundreds of trees.

The atmosphere was so fresh and not too hot, because of many trees there.

Then, at 10.45 (Maybe, I forgot when the time it is) all my friends and I entered in auditorium room for Faculty of Agricultural Technology.

After Gadjah Mada University, we continued our tour to Borobudur Temple. Waahhh!! I’ve been waiting for this.

Borobudur Temple was once the 7th wonder sites of the world. It’s big and wide. The sad news that we were there at a time that is not right. Because we are there on rainy season. The road is muddy and the rain in the middle of the journey make us felt cold and wet. We decided to take shelter near the toilet. Then, me and one of my friend rent an umbrella together, with a rental price of 10,000 IDR. The umbrella is pink and small enough for us.

Urgh.. I’m still wet!

At 6 pm, we reached the Malioboro street. So amazing! But really, the situation was same, rain everywhere. Wet street with wet shoes too. So, I thought to buy a pair of sandals. Only about 15,000 IDR (😂) with different colours, pink in left side and black in right side. And there is a platform, I❤Jogja. I’d like the sandals.

After that, my friends and I ate at McDonald’s. We enjoyed the night situation there. At the last I also didn’t forgot to buy clothes and some souvenirs.

We leave Yogyakarta at 10.00 pm. And time to bus slept.

I think enough for this my life story about my wonderful school trip. Have you join the school trip in your school? How was it going on? 😁



    1. Yang bener? Haha.. Kampusnya emang bagus Kak, bangunan sama dekorasi nya mewah, apalagi jalan aspalnya 😂. Nggak kebayang kalau misalnya aku telat ke kampus nya jalan kaki 😰. Panjang dan berliku-liku. 😁


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