Ramadan Mubarak 1⃣


Today is the first day of this holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan is the most awaited month by Muslims all over the world. Usually people in different countries welcome Ramadan with different traditions. And performing the fast of Ramadan from the dawn to the drowning of the sun.

So, for my post this time will discuss my activities during the first fasting month of Ramadan.


At 3.00 am, I did my first sahur

Sahur in indonesia means the meal eaten before daybreak during the fasting month. I did my sahur with rice and chicken balado, and hot tea and energen (recommended for you who did fasting because it could give you more energy for doing everything in Ramadan). I was so sleepy at the time (😴).

At 6.00 am, I did my sport activities

Yes, even though I’m undergoing fasting but keeping my health with exercise is still important (💪).

At 8.00, watched television soo longg (📺)

I’m not a human who love to read novel and others (🙄). Sorry readers. So, I spent my long time with watching television.

At 12.00 am, I picked any outfit for night later..

I often picked any outfit for night later by choosing in my wardrobe like I’m in mall (😨).

At 3.00 pm, went to everywhere, it called “ngabuburit

So, I went to every streets in my town to collect takjil by motorcycle with my sister. Until the time I eat for break my fasting.

This is my favourite drink today, made by my Mom

It’s so cool and delicious!!(😋)

Ingredients :

  • Milk
  • White and orange Jelly
  • Ice tube
  • Water
  • Sugar or syrup

Methods :

Mix sugar and syrup with water. Add white and orange Jelly and ice tube. Finishing. So simple but cool!

See you next post (👋)


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